30th October - 3rd November 2019
Mall of Africa, Waterfall City, JHB
30th October - 3rd November 2019.
Waterfall City, JHB


With so much for the adults to do at The Johannesburg International Flower Show, we would never forget about the kids.

In keeping with the event, youngsters will be able to participate in a range of activities that will keep them busy and allow you to fully appreciate the splendor of The Johannesburg International Flower Show.

Arum Lilies

A fully trained team will manage the children’s area from 09:00 until 18:00 each day of The Johannesburg International Flower Show. Children’s activities include:

– Flower arranging
– Pot planting
– Making your own compost
– Making your own garden art

A full programme of events for your children will soon be announced.


A beautiful and spectacular flower, arum lily care and growing are easy. It is ideal to decorate gardens, terraces, and balconies. Arum lily, also called “calla lily” is a perennial from Araceae family.

Its rigid and vertical flower stalk ends in a spathe flared funnel that hides a yellow or orange spadix. Arum lily flowers usually bloom in summer to early fall and are very unique and marvelous to watch.

browse our website for further ideas.

Pick Up and Go

The Johannesburg International Flower Show will have a unique aspect in whatever large items you purchase at the show you will not have to carry with you. That way you can enjoy the show unencumbered by carrying large parcels around.

We will allocate your purchased item a ticket and you will then be able to use our bespoke pickup area to fetch your item during or after the show.

The pickup area will be well signed and you will have ease of access to get your purchased goods.

Give us your ticket and receive your item!


Some of the leading retailers in the country will be in attendance. In addition to our soon to be announced big store partners, a wide range of specialty retail will be on offer with useful products including:

– Sculptures and garden art
– Leather and wood planter boxes
– Bespoke outdoor furniture
– Carnivorous plants
– Unique jewelry
– Artisanal liqueurs

A full list of retailers will soon be announced.