Our panel of local and international judges will ensure the highest standards of design, planting, and inspiration. The international panel will be headed by Leon Kluge.

We welcome Sharon McGukin and Pascal Garbe as our esteemed international judges.

In addition to judging the gardens at The Johannesburg International Flower Show, our international judges will be sharing their wisdom and knowledge by presenting talks & demos on a broad range of important topics.


Adeniums, which all have poisonous sap, produce flowers in striking reds, pinks, and mauves; red-and-white bicolored flowers are fairly common. They are interesting caudiciform plants and make ideal container subjects. Known to occur in more arid regions, adeniums are sensitive to frost and waterlogged soils. The plants are usually deciduous during winter or the dry season. South African species of Adenium do well in warmer gardens and their rather handsome flowers make them an attractive addition to a garden.

A small genus of succulent shrubs that produce swollen stems, often with peculiar forms. 

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Pascal Garbe

International Head Garden Judge

World-renowned French garden designer, Pascal Garbe, is the project manager for Gardens Policy with the Moselle Conseil Departemental and is considered one of the best garden tourism experts in the world. Pascal is on the panel of judges for the International Garden Festival in Chaumont sur Loire, Singapore Garden Festival, Philadelphia International Flower Show, Gardening World Cup (Japan) and one of the most influential judges for the ‘Plant Days’ at Chantilly and is now joining the Johannesburg International Flower Show. Pascal regularly contributes to many gardening magazines both in France and abroad and is the author of around twenty books on gardens and plants, some of which are best sellers in Europe.

Sharon McGukin

International Head Flower Judge

Sharon McGukin (Mac-Goo-kin) is internationally-known for her floral expertise and southern charm. Audiences are entertained by her informative design presentations featuring the latest floral trends and techniques. From small-town florist to an international designer, Sharon’s flower adventures have led this energetic floral designer around the world as a presenter, trend-tracker, home décor industry consultant, speaker, and blogger. Author of Flowers of the Heart, Sharon has shared her talents with the world through her freelance floral design presentations, how-to information, hands-on classes, and contributions to articles for industry and lifestyle magazines, national newspapers or blogs.