Pride of de Kaap


The vibrancy, color and fun of a flower and garden market will be on display at The Johannesburg International Flower Show. Visitors to the show will be able to drive home from the show with beautiful flowers and plants directly from the farm to your home.

This 5000m² Flower and Garden Market Hall will ensure that your inspiration and enthusiasm for your own garden will be satisfied by the biggest range of flowers and plants, at the best prices. Visitors will be able to secure their items of choice and collect them on your way home in our unique pick up as you go system.


The pride of de Kaap blooms during March and April but may flower as early as November. Its flowers vary from a salmon pink to orange, yellow to white in color. Its petals are rounded and about 40 mm in length, and it has pairs of winged leaves which are about 60 mm wide.

 It prefers warmer regions and is therefore widespread in the bushveld regions of South Africa. In Afrikaans it is also known as vlam van die vlakte, meaning ‘flame of the plains’. 

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Pick Up and Go

The Johannesburg International Flower Show will have a unique aspect in whatever large items you purchase at the show you will not have to carry with you. That way you can enjoy the show unencumbered by carrying large parcels around.

We will allocate your purchased item a ticket and you will then be able to use our bespoke pickup area to fetch your item during or after the show.

The pickup area will be well signed and you will have ease of access to get your purchased goods.

Give us your ticket and receive your item!


Some of the leading retailers in the country will be in attendance. In addition to our soon to be announced big store partners, a wide range of specialty retail will be on offer with useful products including:

– Sculptures and garden art
– Leather and wood planter boxes
– Bespoke outdoor furniture
– Carnivorous plants
– Unique jewelry
– Artisanal liqueurs


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