30th October - 3rd November 2019
Mall of Africa, Waterfall City, JHB
30th October - 3rd November 2019.
Waterfall City, JHB


Day Waterlilly


Some of the leading retailers in the country will be at The Johannesburg International Flower Show. In addition to our soon to be announced big store partners, a wide range of specialty retail will be on offer with useful products including:

– Sculptures and garden art
– Leather and wood planter boxes
– Bespoke outdoor furniture
– Carnivorous plants
– Unique jewelry
– Artisanal liqueurs

A full list of retailers will soon be announced.


he Day Water Lily is an aquatic plant with round, floating leaves split by a V-notch. These plants have underground stems which are firmly anchored to the mud under water by means of rather thick, spreading roots. The rhizome (underground stem) is 4 – 5 cm in diameter, black in color and rather spongy. The leaves float on long, spongy stalks and are round with a deep notch or cut from the center to the outer edge. 

The large flowers are carried on long stalks just above the surface of the water and may be white, yellow, blue or pink in color and open only in sunshine, close at night and re-open the following morning. 

There are about 60 species of Waterlilies, but only one species is in South Africa, namely the Day Waterlily. Waterlilies are very showy plants.

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Childrens Area

With so much for the adults to do at The Johannesburg International Flower Show, we would never forget about the kids. In keeping with the event, youngsters will be able to participate in a range of activities that will keep them busy and allow you to fully appreciate the splendour of The Johannesburg International Flower Show.

A fully trained team will manage the children’s area from 09:00 until 18:00 each day of The Johannesburg International Flower Show. Children’s activities include:

– Flower arranging
– Pot planting
– Making your own compost
– Making your own garden art

A full programme of events for your children will soon be announced.

Artisan Gardens

These smaller gardens (3m x 3m in size) tell a compelling story while incorporating elements of the master craftsman. Most of our Artisan Gardens will showcase a charity or worthy initiative.

The aim of these gardens is the upliftment of communities by providing knowledge and advice on how to grow a sustainable environment and how to improve our environment. It’s also the opportunity for young designers from disadvantaged communities to showcase their talents and get the recognition their efforts deserve.

We welcome all designers and landscapers to take part.

If you believe that you have what it takes to create a garden or would like to be a part of sponsoring a landscaper in creating a garden please follow the button below.